We’re led by a team of seasoned technology experts who understand the unique challenges of government and know that the out-of-the-box thinking and collaboration that enables transformational results starts with real relationships and a value-focused approach.

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Chief Executive Officer

Gurpreet Singh

President, Chief Operating Officer

Ramanpreet Singh

Chief Growth Officer

Josh Rubin

Chief Technology Officer

Jesus Jackson

Vice President, People & Culture

Casey Strawn

Vice President, Strategic Growth

Chetan Gulati

Vice President, Operations & Program Delivery

Jason Gwinn

Vice President, AI & Data Science & Chief Technologist

Martial Michel

Asst. Vice President, Proposals & Growth Strategy

Emily Fraser

Asst. Vice President, Quality & PMO

Farrah Ahmad

Asst. Vice President, Program Delivery

Gil Bolden

Asst. Vice President, Program Delivery

Keith Woolley

Asst. Vice President, Program Delivery

Len Newman

Asst. Vice President, Program Delivery

Mike Abbott

Asst. Vice President, Accounting & Finance

Neelima Panchang