federal solutions that
really work.

Infotrend leads the market in finding simple solutions for federal agencies faced with complex technology challenges.

By truly listening and understanding our customer’s needs and then asking the right questions, we are able to discover the precise technology solution that checks all the boxes. As a result, we can implement it seamlessly into existing infrastructures and environments.

With broad expertise supporting primary and ancillary technology solutions for government customers and a specialized focus in eDiscovery and litigation support, Infotrend is the right partner for federal agencies looking for technology solutions that work.

We help
Federal Agencies with…

Enterprise Legal

Get exactly what you need in an instant to research and build cases faster and smarter without impractical costs.

Modern Software

Build and maintain custom systems that enhance, optimize, and support mission outcomes.

Data Management and
Advanced Analytics

Bring order to disparate, complex data and extract meaningful insights that drive innovation for financial, healthcare and legal services.

Digital Forensics

Lead the way in advanced digital forensics solutions for unraveling complex cases.

AI & Machine Learning

Leverage predictive modeling and analytics to uncover key insights and intelligence from your data.

Digital Assets &

Navigate the future of digital assets and blockchain with expertise and innovation.

Why We’re Different

Platform Agnostic

We leverage the latest cutting-edge technologies to create exactly what you need

Unbiased Solutions

We independently evaluate technology solutions to find the best combination and fit

Innovative Approach

We are experts in rapidly crafting innovative, agile solutions that solve complex challenges

Federal Client Needs

We work as a partner to achieve mission goals, reduce risk and increase efficiency

Mission-Driven Partners

We truly care about advancing your mission and are committed to delivering results

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