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Leveraging over 16 years of expertise in the full spectrum of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) and Records Management lifecycle, our team are experts in an extensive array of eDiscovery tools. We excel not only in the implementation and integration of these tools but also in providing bespoke training to ensure your staff is proficient in the solutions that best align with your unique needs.

Enterprise eDiscovery

We focus on providing thorough Enterprise eDiscovery services specifically designed for federal agencies. Our goal is to offer precise and efficient solutions that are customized to meet the intricate demands of data management and legal discovery.

  • Provide precise and efficient solutions for complex data management and legal discovery needs
  • Efficiently collect and process data from various sources such as emails, documents, and databases.
  • Facilitate the review process and prepare and produce data in various formats suitable for legal proceedings, regulatory requests, or investigations.

Management of
eDiscovery Platforms

In the field of eDiscovery platform management, our expertise shines through in how we carefully handle the setup, maintenance, and deployment of these systems. Our deployment approach is meticulous and thoughtful, prioritizing scalability and security, whether they’re hosted locally or in the cloud.
  • Monitor resources, balance loads, and analyze logs to catch and resolve any potential issues or security risks early on.
  • Carry out routine updates with minimal disruption, including crucial patches and fixes to maintain reliable platform performance and data security.
  • Conduct performance testing to ensure eDiscovery platforms can handle large volumes of data and user load.

FOIA Support

As the demands of managing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests grow more intricate, Infotrend takes a leading role in providing extensive support to federal agencies. We cover all aspects of FOIA management, including detailed analysis of requests, precise search query generation, thorough document collection, and crafting comprehensive response strategies.

Robust Searching
& Analysis

Our eDiscovery services include deep expertise with state-of-the-art search capabilities, including proximity searching, conceptual analytics, and Technology Assisted Review (TAR).

  • Use proximity searching to swiftly locate critical documents by identifying terms that occur in close association, enhancing the precision of legal investigations
  • Leverage conceptual analytics through natural language processing to grasp the context and conceptual significance within vast data sets, offering insights beyond conventional keyword searches.
  • Use TAR-incorporated machine learning algorithms to efficiently sort and prioritize documents, streamlining the review process significantly.

Client Example

Infotrend has led more than 10 eDiscovery projects for financial regulatory and law enforcement clients, including a significant initiative processing 60 million files on the Relativity platform. In this initiative, our objective was to deliver responsive, high-quality data packages for review and production. We optimized processes by implementing best practices, refining data through tools like IPRO, and employing advanced techniques such as Technology Assisted Review (TAR) and structured analytics like email threading. Additionally, we conducted complex searches and generated tailored reports for various agency teams, utilizing filter searches, Boolean searches, regular expressions, and concept-based analytics. Managing the IT infrastructure for Relativity, we maintained over 100 Windows servers and 200 Terabytes (TB) of storage, ensuring seamless platform operation, streamlined data processes, and steadfast support to the agency’s mission.

eDiscovery Platforms We Use

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