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Leveraging over 16 years of expertise in the full spectrum of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) and Records Management lifecycle, our team stands as certified authorities in an extensive array of eDiscovery tools. We excel not only in the implementation and integration of these tools but also in providing bespoke training to ensure your staff is proficient in the solutions that best align with your unique needs.

Enterprise eDiscovery

Specializing in comprehensive Enterprise eDiscovery services for federal agencies, we deliver precise, efficient solutions tailored to complex data management and legal discovery needs. Leveraging advanced technology and deep expertise, our team prioritizes security, confidentiality, and accuracy, ensuring compliance and minimal disruption, while being a trusted partner throughout your eDiscovery journey.

Aligning project and team behind shared goals and mission

Proactive, transparent communication between stakeholders

Holistic, long-term planning that encapsulates the entire project lifecycle

Planning for and managing future uncertainties and change

Setting expectations for delivery and performance of teams

Frequent, consistent project check-ins and rapid course-correction

Ongoing risk management planning

Management of
eDiscovery Platforms

In the realm of eDiscovery platform management, our technical acumen is evident in the precision with which we deploy, maintain, and enhance these systems. Our deployment strategy is meticulously crafted, focusing on creating scalable and secure eDiscovery environments, whether on-premises or in the cloud. We place a strong emphasis on continuous platform maintenance, including monitoring platform resources, load balancing, and performing log analysis to preemptively identify and address potential system inefficiencies or security threats. We execute regular updates with minimal disruption, including the application of critical patches and fixes to ensure consistent platform performance and data integrity.

FOIA Support

As the landscape of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests becomes increasingly complex, Infotrend stands at the forefront, offering comprehensive end-to-end FOIA support to federal agencies. Our services encompass the entire spectrum of FOIA management, from nuanced analysis of FOIA requests to the generation of precise search queries, meticulous document collection, and the crafting of thorough request responses.
Our expertise extends beyond case work and administration, delving into the development of robust FOIA policies, streamlining procedures, and providing authoritative guidance on internal regulatory compliance. With Infotrend, your FOIA challenges are transformed into opportunities for transparency, efficiency, and public trust.

Robust Searching
& Analysis

In the dynamic field of eDiscovery, our services include deep expertise with state-of-the-art search capabilities, including proximity searching, conceptual analytics, and Technology Assisted Review (TAR). We use proximity searching to swiftly locate critical documents by identifying terms that occur in close association, enhancing the precision of legal investigations and we leverage conceptual analytics by leveraging natural language processing to grasp the context and conceptual significance within vast data sets, offering insights beyond conventional keyword searches.
Additionally, our teams use TAR-incorporated machine learning algorithms to efficiently sort and prioritize documents, streamlining the review process significantly. We are focused on providing a range of intelligent search solutions, aimed at helping clients effectively find relevant and valuable documents from large volumes of data.

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