• InfAlign map:  Click on the “InfAlign maps” tab on the above main menu for demonstrations of some InfAlign maps.  These maps allow for dynamic and interactive visualizations of large tables of tens of properties for hundreds of items.
    • Tab “Investment returns” gives returns on financial investments for different time periods (documentation under construction).
    • Tab “Hotel bookings” gives the InfAlign map linked to a geographical map for booking hotels (documentation under construction).
    • Tab “SurveyBias” gives the InfAlign map for the SurveyBias database described immediately below linked to the “InfAlign tutorial” sub-menu tab with a tutorial for the SurveyBias InfAlign map.
  • SurveyBias database:  Opinion polls and surveys once used landline surveys as the ideal for representative measurements.  However, this approach has become increasingly problematic.  In response, this website introduces a SurveyBias database for improving sample design.  For free access to a pilot version of the database and its documentation:
    • Click on the “SurveyBias database” tab on the above menu and then “Theory & data” and the tabs underneath to see, in sequence, a series of webpages explaining the database and its use.

For sale:  InfoTrend, Inc. offers for sale software, training and analytic services using the InfoTrend® technologies for:

  • Exploring relationships among large numbers of characteristics of hundreds of items using the InfAlign® map produced using U.S. patent 7,519,521 and patents pending.
    • Click on the “InfAlign map” tab on the main menu for some sample applications.  (See the “SurveyBias database” tab on the main menu for details.)
  • The computer content analysis of text produced using U.S. patents 7,684,974; 8,606,563 and patents pending:
    • Click on the “Text analysis” tab to proceed to the password protected analytic site
  • Predicting time trends of public opinions and behaviors from the mass media and social media.
  • Other analyses.

The InfoTrend technology won the 2011 Jack Felton Golden Ruler Award of the Institute for Public Relations for its time trend prediction of the drop and subsequent rise in Toyota’s corporate reputation in early 2010 following adverse publicity due to automobile recalls.

For details and price information, please click the “Contact” menu tab above.

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