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Transformation through
strategic alignment.

Maximizing value and delivering change that’s sustainable starts with a holistic and integrated approach to enterprise architecture and program management. Infotrend employs a collaborative method for enterprise planning, modeling and implementation to help federal agencies successfully develop and execute the strategies that support their mission.

Smarter, data-driven business decisions

Better prioritize organizational funding of investments

Greater organizational transparency and accountability

Increase value of delivery and overall enterprise architecture

Foster an innovative and open-minded approach to workflows

Better prioritize enterprise architecture projects

More clearly define organizational roles and responsibilities

Streamline compliance and achieve architectural coherence

Data-driven performance visibility

Strategy Planning
& Business Alignment

As agencies look for new business models to meet changing technology, budgetary and growth challenges, Infotrend’s strategic planning and strategic alignment capabilities can help agency leaders better support their organizational strategies with projects and plans that deliver real results. With a collaborative, team-based approach to enterprise architecture, we help define and establish common understanding that unifies the organization as it stands while planning for and modeling future needs. By establishing and defining shared enterprise goals, Infotrend can help you better collaborate in delivering on your mission to customers and citizens.


Harmonize the architectural requirements of your enterprise into a defined and accessible set of policies, processes, procedures and standards to ensure your agency’s vision and standards are aligned with actual mission and business requirements. Infotrend draws upon our depth of experience with government clients to create strategic initiatives with a focus on building strong leadership and an aligned, empowered organization delivering superior quality to customers.

Portfolio Management

Infotrend takes a comprehensive and practical approach to agency portfolio management, closely tracking
performance metrics like return, risk, strategic alignment to deliver actionable insights and facilitate effective decision-making. We can assess and provide recommendations for resource consolidation or reassignment to reduce costs. Infotrend also  provides phased-approach for prioritizing and implementation recommendations and changes to give the underlying workflows, personnel and processes time to reconfigure and adjust to support the organizational goals.

Business Process

Leverage intelligent workflows to create new business processes that let you deliver value faster with more efficiency. Infotrend can help you curate your agency’s data to develop powerful, customized solutions that promote success and efficiency across your entire enterprise. Starting with a critical assessment of core processes, we work to discover opportunities for improvement in areas like financial operations, supply chain logistics and customer experience. From there, Infotrend’s expert technologists can seamlessly integrate the right emerging technologies and smarter workflows to deliver dramatic improvements at a holistic level.

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