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With more than 16 years of EDRM experience in full eDiscovery and Records Management lifecycle, we are certified experts in a wide range of eDiscovery tools and know how to implement, integrate and train your staff on any solution that’s right for you.

In addition to finding the right tool to fit your needs, requirements and compliance, we have special expertise in optimizing organizational efficiency with process improvement and reengineering methodologies.

Enterprise eDiscovery

We help simplify and manage the complexity and sequence of activities with e-discovery projects by creating a clear information framework that aligns and supports your organization. These high-level, comprehensive models enable and create sustainable and adaptable scaffolding that can be built on and successfully applied to a variety of projects.

Every project we manage is founded on a few simple principles that drive our track record of success.

Aligning project and team behind shared goals and mission

Proactive, transparent communication between stakeholders

Holistic, long-term planning that encapsulates the entire project lifecycle

Planning for and managing future uncertainties and change

Setting expectations for delivery and performance of teams

Frequent, consistent project check-ins and rapid course-correction

Ongoing risk management planning

EDRM Implementation
& Execution

With a fixed focus on outcomes vs outputs with EDRM implementation and execution, Infotrend is the premier partner for federal agencies seeking EDRM support. We have the industry knowledge and understanding to identify the best eDiscovery software to best suit your needs and the technical expertise to set it up, properly configured and seamlessly integrated with your systems. 

To assist with adoption and proficiency, we provide informed, supportive workflows and detailed Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)s that enable business staff to easily learn and use the platforms faster and more fully.

FOIA Support

As the demand for end-to-end FOIA support continues to grow, Infotrend empowers federal agencies with a broad range of FOIA support, including FOIA request analysis, search query generation, document collection and preparing request responses. 

With our team of experts in your corner, you have a trusted partner to guide you and inform every aspect of your FOIA needs, from full-scope case work, administration and tasking, to FOIA policy creation, procedures and internal regulatory guidance.

eDiscovery Governance
& Security

In the digital age, the incredible amount of data and information becoming available is both overwhelming and exhilarating. As the volume of digital information and data continues to increase exponentially, so does the potential for risk. Because this accumulation of data has happened so rapidly, proper management has been difficult. In fact, an estimated 90% of big data exists as unstructure, untagged and untapped “dark data”. 

Infotrend brings deep technical knowledge and keen understanding of federal requirements to provide practical structure for managing big data. We also provide a trusted source of centralized oversight into how data is being stored, managed and kept to prevent accidental disclosure or hacking of sensitive information.

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