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information systems for
government agencies.

Your mission hinges on being able to leverage your data. Infotrend can help you keep up with the exponential increase in your electronic data and find innovative ways to retrieve and pull insights like never before.

We’ve been helping federal agencies securely store, integrate and efficiently access their data within federal policies and legislation requirements for decades. Drawing upon a comprehensive set of proven tools and methodologies, Infotrend can transform and dramatically improve the way data you access and use your data. No matter what your data goals are, we can help you find a solution that fits your needs, requirements and budget.

Data Management Benefits

Consolidate data to a single platform

Maximize your data budget and reduce costs

Dramatically improve data efficiency

Normalize data from diverse sources

Complete, efficient and accurate data management and integration

Data cleansing and maintenance of data consistency

Deduplication of data records

High speed, high volume data migration and validation

Ensure accurate, complete data across heterogeneous environments

Business Intelligence
& Analytics

Immediate insight.

Infotrend can help you take cycle times from weeks to minutes. Access powerful data visualization from disparate systems to derive insights and take action faster.

Maximize teams.

Reduce the time you spend on data retrieval and reporting, and more time on what really moves the needle.

Make better decisions.

Stay one step ahead and access previously dark and inaccessible data. Have access and insight that enables action with Infotrend’s easy-to-use data integration tools and BI capabilities.

Big data at your fingertips.

Scale your data automatically for information and users. Tap into systems that allow for billions of records to be processed in just a few seconds, with no need for data sampling.

Legal Technology

With a value-focused approach to EDRM implementation and execution, Infotrend is the premier partner for federal agencies seeking EDRM support. We can help create workflow efficiencies that simplify and reduce the complexity of e-discovery projects by creating a clear information framework that aligns and supports your organization. We have the industry knowledge and understanding to identify the best eDiscovery software to meet your needs and the technical expertise to set it up, properly configured and seamlessly integrated with your systems.

Learn more about Infotrend’s eDiscovery and litigation support capabilities

Data Analytics

Infotrend can help you leverage cryptocurrency data analytics to improve security, identify trends, track volatility and predict and prevent future security vulnerabilities

Big Data Analytics

Data analytics can enable  agencies to make smarter, faster budget decisions and consolidate agency data on a single analytics platform. Bring the volumes of data you have available to life with visualizations that uncover hidden patterns, trends, correlations and other actionable insights. It’s not only possible but absolutely critical
to leverage the powerful technology available to analyze your data and get immediate answers from it almost immediately. Infotrend can help leverage big data analytics to deliver  actionable insights in an instant that help you more effectively meet your mission.

  • Pinpoint process gaps
  • Standardize and cleanse data
  • Consolidate data to a single platform
  • Increase financial visibility
  • Promote productivity

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