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With extensive experience in supporting all stages of the application lifecycle, we are certified experts in creating agile, innovative applications that seamlessly integrate with your legacy systems and existing workflows. We can develop exactly what you need and then integrate the technology and train your staff how to make the most of your investment.

In addition to creating the right tool to meet your mission, requirements and compliance, Infotrend has a special expertise with optimizing overall organizational efficiency using our proven process improvement and reengineering methodologies.

Agile Development

Infotrend supports all stages of the application lifecycle from requirements through design, test and implementation. We combine our deep understanding with a robust set of methodologies, frameworks and software assets to deliver high quality custom applications while effectively minimizing development risks and costs.

Assessing, learning and pivoting as necessary to deliver results is the core of business agility. We place a special emphasis and focus on helping clients understand business agility to achieve their goals. Our program and project management teams improve our client’s adaptability and response to change. Our team of experts have decades of experience in assessing, prioritizing and implementing agile solutions across federal agencies. Infotrend can help your organization implement agile tools and practices to execute and consistently deliver risk-mitigated results and effective enterprise-wide solutions

Our application development process:


First we inventory your goals, compliance requirements and budget to create a comprehensive plan and strategy that’s informed by successful past performance and assessment of applicable technology tools.


Using a user-experience focused approach, we begin development of an intuitive and streamlined application that’s simple and effective for users.


Once development is complete, we conduct a series of rigorous testing to make sure your app is totally secure and works as required across all necessary devices through automated and in the wild testing methods.


After development and testing is complete, Infotrend will register your app and/or make it available to all users and provide onboarding training, resource and support.


Infotrends leverages our expert DevSecOps team to effectively embed security in every part of the application development process to optimize and automate security controls and processes at the very core of every product we develop.

Specialized in rapid IT service delivery through the adoption of agile and lean practices, Infotrend uses proven automation tools to enable and develop increasingly programmable and dynamic infrastructures that are security at every level. From functionality and integration to security and controls, our value-focused approach to implementing DevSecOps has allowed us to improve collaboration between operations and development teams for better outcomes across the board.

Modernization of
Legacy Apps

While legacy applications are the foundation of many agencies, outdated technology and inefficient workflows in these systems prevent federal organizations from effectively leveraging the incredible power available with modern technologies that fuel improved experiences and value for customers and partners.

Infotrend can rapidly connect your legacy systems to modern applications, and do so while minimizing disruption. By creating a customized and realistic legacy modernization roadmap that leverages proven strategies for your specific legacy systems, you can gain the benefits of modernization without stopping productivity or compromising your mission.

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